OnGuard Pitbull DT 8005 Bike D Lock with Security Cable - Sold Secure Gold

OnGuard Pitbull DT 8005 Bike D Lock with Security Cable - Sold Secure Gold

£35.00 Regular Price
£30.00Sale Price

OnGuard offer some of the best quality locks you can get. Most of their range is "Sold Secure" and the OnGuard Pitbull DT 8005 is at the Gold level of this grading system. This model from OnGuard offers $2251 cover for bicycles and $751 for power sports vehicles once you have registered your lock on their website.


  • Versatile D lock
  • Bicycle security for high crime areas, with a standard length shackle
  • 115mm x 230mm x 14mm hardened steel shackle + 120cm x 10mm Cable.
  • Patented deadbolt locking mechanism for extensive holding power
  • High security disc style cylinder
  • Reinforced sleeve over crossbar and cylinder provides enhanced security protection
  • Reinforced internal housing increases resistance to twisting and leverage type attacks
  • New user friendly, pick, pull and drill resistant onguard Z-key cyclinder featuring bumpblok, offers optimum deterrent against physical attacks
  • The quattro bolt locking mechanism provides unqualed strength and maxiumum pull resistance by locking the cross bar to the shackle on 4 sides
  • Anti-Rattle bumpers keeps the shackle snug against the crossbar and prevent unnecessary noise
  • 5 keys including one with a light to help locate the lock barrel at night
  • All tube quick release multi-position mounting bracket. Will fit 99% of all bikes on the market
  • The mounting system allows for 360 degree rotation providing the ability to micro-adjust the lock angle to better fit and align with a bike frames specific geometry
  • Double rubber coated and weatherproof

The 8005 set consists of the 8003 D lock and the Akita 8044 Cable Loop. From time to time these locks are delivered to you in their individual packaging. The products themselves are identical.